motorola mc3190
motorola mc3190

Zebra collector MC3190-Z

The MC3190-Z represents another milestone in innovation in the portfolio of Motorola RFID; the first portable RFID reader business class specially designed to make RFID technology transcend the borders of the industrial sector, reaching all types of business environments and in areas of customer contact. This highly versatile device is ideal for attention in shops, retail businesses and hospitals, as well as deposits and in manufacturing production lines. The MC3190-Z part of the rugged design and high performance can be obtained with any portable industrial RFID product level and incorporates Motorola ergonomics required to provide the comfort and ease of use that the worker needs throughout their workday. Weighs only half of what weighs any other product of its kind; in a nutshell, It is the lightest UHF RFID reader rugged, portable market. His practice pistol grip provides maximum comfort for scan intensive applications. The components that Motorola has the RFID reader technology ensure high efficiency and improve productivity comes force
work by increasing the reading speed, which helps optimize overall performance.



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