Zebra ZD500R
Zebra ZD500R

Zebra ZD500R

The ZD500R extends the wide range of RFID printers Zebra by adding UHF RFID printing and encoding the line of thermal desktop Zebra, industry leaders. Designed for applications where space is scarce, the ZD500R compact provides printing and encoding simple one touch, simple loading and automatic calibration RFID, making it ideal for applications where no technical support staff available, as identifying exceptions store in the retail sector.

The printer supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer and supports integrated circuits of the main suppliers. The ZD500R can be used with various RFID tags and identifiers, from small pendants identifiers individual items to large boxes and pallets labels. By encoding RFID integrated circuits closer, the ZD500R allows material costs lower, less material and fewer reel changes




Health Care




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